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About Hutton's Hearts


Hutton is a little girl who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. She lives with her mother, father, big brother and three big sisters. She was born with half of a heart. She had many open heart surgeries in her little life to try and repair her heart, but eventually the doctors knew she would need a transplant. She has been prayed over and loved on by thousands. In July 2011, she received the greatest gift from a stranger. Thousands will forever be thankful to the family of her donor who made a very unselfish decision on the worst day of their lives. Today,
Hutton is thriving with a new heart. Thank you for helping Hutton give back. Proceeds
 from "Hutton's Hearts" will go to heart patients in need. Hutton's Hearts will continue
to provide AED machines (in public facilities such as churches, sport recreation parks and schools) and train caregivers on how to use them effectively. Proceeds will also benefit the community by helping to send kids to camps for children with heart conditions in surrounding



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