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Meet Julie



 I'm Julie - wife to a encouraging, supportive husband and a mom
to four wonderful boys!  I have always had an appreciation for art,
and I love to paint!! I discovered my love of painting by chance...I
consider it a true gift. I have always had a creative side, but I never took an art
class growing up.  I started out distressing furniture and frames.
The very first piece I ever painted was my baby crib.  Painting
my crib evolved into many different and creative paths. It has
now become a ten-year journey. That is how “The Rustic Cradle”


My art is all hand painted and truly one of a kind with it’s own
unique style and texture.  Not two paintings are alike…Since I
consider my art a gift, I enjoy giving it back, and I enjoy the
personal side to my art.  My pieces make wonderful gifts that can
be special and sentimental to others. 


Many days you can find me in my studio, also known as my kitchen,
painting things that make me happy and I hope my
art will touch you as well.  


In 2012, I began a special charity that remains with me today - Hutton’s Hearts.  Hutton’s Hearts is dedicated to a beautiful little girl named Hutton. Read more about Hutton in the Hutton's Hearts section. 






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